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What is Harvence?
Harvence is the first marketplace for travellers to monetize their experiences by converting them into collectibles for their communities.
Create authentic experiences
Compile a comprehensive list of items you have seen or experience during your travel.
Connect the dots
Write down what you did, know or like by referencing places, links, and contacts.
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Reach your audience by adding links to your content across multiple channels.
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Earn money when your audience purchases and adds your experiences to their libraries.
What can I monetize?
Your Experiences &
Thousands of travellers, guides, locals and more monetize their knowledge by offering authentic and collectible experiences with Harvence.
Turn Every Mile into Money: We empower travelers to monetize their unique experiences by transforming self-crafted routes into valuable assets. Your journey, your rewards!
Museum tours
Transform Your Passion into Profit: Your in-depth knowledge of museums and history is not just a hobby - it's a valuable asset. Craft unique tours, share your expertise, and earn from each enlightening journey!
Contacts, tips and tricks
Monetize Your Insider Knowledge: With Harvence, every contact, every tip, every trick up your sleeve is an opportunity for profit. Share your travel secrets and earn from the wisdom you've gathered on the road!
Where to stay and eat?
Profit from Your Perfect Recommendations: Your favorite places to stay and eat aren't just suggestions - they're money in the bank. Share your go-to spots and earn from every traveler you guide towards comfort and culinary delight!
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